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Welcome to Terelyn Crystals. Join our Facebook Live every Thursday Night!


Terelyn Crystals was established in 2014 by our founder and crystals expert, Master Terelyn. Our products are well-known in the industry as high-speed manifesting crystals used to solve our clients' issues related to career, relationships, health, investment, love and wealth.

Each crystal is personally handpicked by Master Terelyn and purified using her Signature Purification Technique before they are allowed to be given to her clients.

At Terelyn Crystals, we hold strictly to our quality control protocols, which is why we are able to give assurance to our clients that all our crystals are first-hand and brand new, thoroughly cleansed & purified to perform their functions effectively and efficiently.  

We also organise short courses for crystal enthusiasts and certify Professional Crystals Specialists who wish to learn how to work with crystals to help themselves as well as others to progress better in life.