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Delivery Policy

This Store is still under preparation, the following information shall not be accurate or updated and may not be applicable to your shopping experience on this Store. Please contact the Store for further and correct information  should you have any questions toward contents below.


Shipping Policy


  1. Methods

    1. Courier:


  1. Delivery Days/Region:

    1. Express

      • Shipping days / X-X days

    2. Post

      • Shipping days / X-X days

  1. Reminders

    1. After placing an order, Your goods shall be shipped in  X-X working days. 

    2. Holidays, school vacations, or any other special circumstances may result in delay of Your shipment.

    3. Delivery times are Monday to Friday XX:XX - XX:XX. 

    4. In the circumstances of a busy delivery period or force majeure, shipments may be delayed.